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Ever wonder why we believe ACIT support for Sage 50 Accounts is better than that from Sage directly?

We are proud of our smaller team; the ability to provide a personal service without automated systems and essentially understand the commercial needs of our customers. This was highlighted by a customer who have since switched from Sage to ACIT for their Sage 50cloud Accounts subscription… Following our Sage Specialist providing bespoke onsite Sage consultancy, it was agreed turning negative stock off would assist them in order allocations and stock levels. It was decided they would get their stock levels correct (i.e. not negative!) and then turn off negative stock in preferences.

This should be as simple as removing a tick in a box in preferences. It wasn’t, so they called Sage who their Accounts subscription sat with. Unable to fix the issue as no products were negative, long story short they instructed their customer to “Rebuild their data” … even the text when you run the option says “Use with extreme caution!”.  The result of this action was for the client to lose all stock histories for all products and all stock levels, everything showing as zero!

This meant they were able to switch negative stock off, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO STOCK IN THE DATA!  Not the position you desire with orders needing despatching!! Luckily, before the long support call to Sage, they backed up their data and were able to restore it when they realised, they had no stock the next morning.  Back to square one though, after a couple of hours on the phone to Sage, with other users unable to process orders and production, they still had negative stock enabled!

They came to ACIT with the same question, instantly we identified it would be a corrupted SETUP.DTA file (the file that holds your company preferences). Taking the corrupted file, restoring it into a test environment with no stock records, we were able to remove the negative stock flag. By simply copying the amended file back they were where they wanted to be, retained all stock records, levels and histories, but were only able to allocate the free stock they had, not an infinite amount!

A long tale, but it shows that we have more understanding of what our customers do and what they rely on. Our team of Sage Accredited specialists have been supporting customers between 4 and 20 years, we are all commercially aware and understand how and why companies work. If you are interested in having a different kind of support for your Sage software, let us see what we can do for you.

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