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“Disasters Recovered”

Before the kettle had boiled on Monday morning a customer was telling us “All my files are encrypted……” Unfortunately they were a yet another victim of ransomware!!

Brandon raced to site with a new SSD drive, re-installed the OS and set the restore process going. All was looking good, until he tried to restore their CRM data from their cloud backup, the zip file was password protected, set by a former employee! For a second Brandon’s hearts sank, but when it comes to disaster recovery policy ACIT are a belt & braces company, the customer’s onsite NAS backup included all the SQL database files and supplementary attachments which restored back to Friday night where they left off.

Our customer was all back up and running on the same day from a total loss of all their company data and Brandon got treated to a nice lunch!

In the meantime, another customer called in unable to connect to the internet, something a simple restart normally sorts!!  However, diagnosing the issue we found that their server was incredibly unhappy, not only was it not performing it’s DHCP/DNS role, it was also not sharing any of its files either! Tom headed to site, finding the operating system of the server had completely corrupted! All the normal system repairs failed, the server simply refused to boot.  Staring at significant data loss and a server replacement/rebuild, the customer was counting the cost of the downtime.  Tom quickly reconfigured their router to take over the role of DHCP/DNS allowing them internet access (essential for email orders to be processed!) and their Sage was working fine on the Sage server ACIT had installed.  Using the system restore functionality the ACIT backup solution possesses, Tom was able to restore their server to a previous state, one that boots fine and works!  Disaster recovered, all their files were intact, zero loss of data and back to business as normal.  Something that would not have been possible if they hadn’t moved to ACIT for their IT support, their old IT company who supplied the server did not protect them as comprehensively as ACIT.

If you are concerned that you don’t have a sufficient disaster recovery policy in place, or just need some advice around your IT systems in general, get in touch.

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