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All Good at our Sage 50c Training Workshop

Well, we held our training workshop on Wednesday, and are happy to say that we had very positive feedback from those who came along.  We enjoyed showing the improvements that Sage have made in the latest release of their software and sharing loads of information on how our audience could use parts of Sage in better and more efficient ways. We were also very excited at the feedback we… read more

ACIT Sage 50 Workshop Reminder

Have you heard about our Sage 50 workshop that we are holding on Wednesday 27th September?  If not, where have you been these last couple of months?

If you do, have you registered yet?  If you want to come, just either give us a call, drop us an email or visit our website

For those of you that haven’t, visiting the website above will give you all the information you… read more

Sage Bank Feeds

One of the amazing new features of Sage 50c accounts is the Sage Bank Feeds functionality.

Those of you who are long terms users of Sage 50 will be aware that a few years ago, Sage aligned themselves with Yodlee to bring in external bank feeds, but this has not been used by many customers.  Making the functionality internal to the Sage 50 software makes this a much more streamline… read more

One Layout for All Eventualities in Sage

Do you have multiple layouts in your Sage data, that you pick and choose from every time you send out a quotation or sales order?  Every time a new staff member starts in the Sales department, is it a job in itself explaining which layout to use in a particular circumstance?  If so, there is something that we can do for you.

From something as simple as using just the… read more

Adding a template to Sage documents

This week, one of our customers was after a customised layout for their Sage documents; sales orders, invoices, that kind of thing.  Nothing unusual there…

However, when you look at the standard Sage layouts, none of them have boxes around the main order details – yes the address details sit in a box but the product information is always just a line of text, rather than sitting in a table.

As… read more

Hyper-V machines for internal use

We are really excited in the office here as we have just received our new server 😊

This was purchased primarily so we can create a number of Virtual machines (Hyper-Vs) for our testing purposes, allowing us to try everything possible with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Manufacturing, Sage 200, Sage CRM… you name it we want to know how it works inside out.

These Hyper-V machines enable us to play… read more

Direct Debit integration with Sage 50 Accounts

Sage are bringing out new integration with GoCardless when they release Sage 50 v24 in September.  This will allow you to manage customer Direct Debits with them through your Sage software.

However, this is only available for GoCardless clients, and the bulk of Sage users aren’t using GoCardless as their Direct Debit provider.

Here at ACIT, we believe in giving people choice.  To this end, we have developed reports inhouse that… read more

Have you considered…

We all know the fun that happens when one user puts a Sage Accounts automatic update on their machine – every other user then gets a message pop saying they are on the wrong version. No dramas there, follow the prompts and download the update to each of the other desktop computers.

However, have you considered the server where the Sage data resides?  Even if you only have the data… read more

Fix for Emailing from Sage

Following our previous blog article, there has been a fix released for the emailing issue.

There are 3 steps you need to follow:

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, check you are on the latest build of this – as of 21/07/2017 this is version 1706.

Check the version of Sage that you are running by going to help > about

Click on the appropriate link to get the fix for your… read more

“I can’t email from Sage using Outlook suddenly!”

Since Microsoft forced out an update to Microsoft Outlook 2016 too many customers who utilise the excellent send to email functionality of Sage report designer are hitting a brick wall.  Sage don’t have a fix yet, but ACIT have been able to work their magic on the majority of layouts that their clients email.  So if you are having issues, give ACIT a call and we will get you… read more