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Ransomware Virus’ Over Christmas

I know it’s not very seasonal (don’t worry, that one will follow!) but we wanted to warn everyone that there has been another spate of Ransomware recently.

Generally, if one of these virus’ hit, the sooner your IT company is notified the better.  This is because some of the backup solutions out there overwrite the backups each time, or if they are not encrypted well enough the virus then gets… read more

Additional Improvements in Sage v24 SP1

Following on from our blog last week, we just wanted to share a couple of other improvements that we have found in the latest service pack of Sage.

One that we love, as the amount of times we take a backup as part of our technical support role, without checking to see if the default is All files rather than only Data files (then have to wait ages for the… read more

Service Pack 1 for Sage 50 Accounts v24 released

Just a quick blog this time to let everyone know that the latest service pack for Sage 50 Accounts v24 has been released this morning (11th December 2017).

The main reason for this release, along with improvements to the go cardless integration, is tweaks that are all behind the scenes.  These have been put in place to help with the Sage 50c integration, with (among other things) the issue with… read more

Sage Drive when moving data

We have a few customers here who have remote users and are utilising the ‘Sage Drive’ functionality to give them access to their Sage data.  This is normally something that is set up and then everyone in the office forgets about, till it something happens and it stops working.

This was recently brought to light for us when we installed a new server for one of our customers who have… read more

Inactive Bank Accounts – Sage 50 Accounts

There is a great bit of new functionality that has been released with Sage 50 Accounts version 24.

This is the ability to make Bank Accounts and Nominal Codes inactive, just as we can with Suppliers, Customers and Products in earlier versions.

However, we have found a couple of little “quirks” around this, and so thought it would be useful to share this with you.

First thing we found; to be able… read more

Sage version 24 – ready for download

We advised everyone back in September that version 24 of Sage 50 accounts had been released for those of you on 50c contracts or in support.

We were expecting this download to be ‘pushed’ out to you all, meaning that one day you would log in to the software and be prompted to download the new version.  However, this doesn’t seem to have happened as yet.

But don’t be disheartened; if… read more

Integration between Sage 50 Accounts and DHL

Do you use DHL to send your deliveries?  Fed up of having to log in to 2 different systems (maybe even 3 if you also have an excel sheet holding additional information) just to see the progress of a delivery?  If so, then we have an application for you.

We have developed a program for one of our long standing customers, that runs once a day and interrogates the DHL… read more

Excel Integrated Reports Path Changer

We have noticed that we always get phone calls from customers who are using one of the amazing Excel Integrated Reports (EIR) we have created for them that.  The calls aren’t because there is an issue with the report, more that their colleague wants to use it and can’t find it.  Either that, or they have upgraded their Sage (or computer) and can no longer find their report.

This is… read more

Sage 50 Payroll Online Timesheets

Do you use Sage 50 Payroll?

You can now add Online Timesheets to your Payroll software for as little as £2.50 per month.

This new innovation from Sage enables you to import the time your employee has worked for you directly into your Payroll software.  This not only saves you time manually entering the data, but removes the chance of it being put in wrong.

You can easily use this alongside the… read more

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an analytics tool from Microsoft that allows easy insights to be gained into your business through great looking, interactive reports.

At ACIT, we have connected this tool to Sage 50 Accounts, to combine powerful and in-depth reporting with a presentation that allows even non-sage users to understand your Sage data at a glance. Also, with the added ability to publish reports to the cloud on a scheduled… read more