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All quotes marked as Won? Let’s reverse that!

Sage 50c Accounts

If you have ever had a user accidentally mark all quotes in your Sage system as Won, you will know how frustrating this can be. The big problem comes from there being no built-in method for reversing this. Therefore, the only option is to restore from your last available backup! This results in users spending hours redoing their work since that last backup was taken…

Sound fun? We didn’t think so either! That’s why ACIT have worked to create a process for reversing the problem in your live data.

We can locate the records that were incorrectly Won based on the time the problem occurred. We then revert the status, type and date back to what they were in the original quote. Only the incorrectly Won quotes are rolled back, meaning no rework!

If all the quotes have been set to Won in your Sage Accounts system, give us a call!

Tel: 01277888210

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