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Making IT solutions count

ACIT provides seamless IT support and software solutions to businesses that expect excellence without any song and dance.

A multi-award winning Sage, IT and cloud support business, we’ve built our reputation on outstanding customer service and a personal touch. We may work on your computers, but we work with you.

Software services

ACIT have historically been known for their Sage 50 services, installing, configuring, training and supporting the Accounts, Payroll & Manufacturing software plus designing reports that give their clients exactly what they need.

IT services

ACIT are proud to offer low maintenance, high integrity solutions to our customers. Very much focused on support, we also supply and maintain office 365 (encompassing emails), encrypted backup solutions, anti-virus and remote access systems, to mention but a few.

Products and support services

Fancy a acit-tea?

ACIT Care is different from most IT support services. We don’t charge fixed monthly fees and demand that you have no control over your network just in case you break it. With a bundle of ACIT Care hours there is no tie-in to an annual contract, just expert IT support when and where you need it. Buy a bundle of hours from £295 and they last 3 years. These hours can be used on site or remotely, we simply do as little or as much as you like.

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We have a team with decades of Sage 50 experience, who are fully Sage Accredited Product Specialists. Our team are always available to answer your calls. People ask us how we can be a better option than Sage. If we had a pound for every time a customer has told us that “Sage said you can’t do that!” we would be reasonably wealthy! The difference between us and Sage is that we are driven to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your software. We regularly have to respond to our clients asking us, “We need it to do this, how can we do that?” or “This information has to be on our POs!”

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