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Minimum Stock Levels on Sage

If you are a supplier of goods, the minimum level you hold of a product before you have to re-order it (minimum stock level) is an important piece of information for your business.

The consequence of setting this too low is obvious; you suddenly get an influx of orders for one of your products and… read more

What you need to know before you relocate your office

Are you moving offices, or planning on moving in the next year?

Moving premises can be incredibly stressful. As you know it’s not just a case of moving your office desks and chairs, there’s your IT systems that needs to be set up AND having the manpower to do it- all whilst still keeping your business running!

If the installation of your IT systems takes longer than anticipated (or if something… read more

What is backing up and why do I need to do it?

Backing up is a way of saving your data and protecting it from risks such as:



User Error (a user may accidentally delete an important file)


Natural Disaster- i.e. a fire may destroy the building where the data was being stored

Computer Breakdown

System Crash

Virus Attack where the data is wiped out

Hard Drive Failure

What happens if my data isn’t backed up?

It is dependant as to what type of data that has been lost and… read more

MTD Making Tax digital- Coming soon (well, in 2019)

We thought we give you a brief overview of making tax digital and how you can be prepared for the changes.

Why has MTD is coming into force

The government’s view is that using digital technology will make it easier for businesses to get… read more

The Cloud: Explained!


What is the cloud?

It’s where you securely upload your files to a service (essentially the internet!) and then download them again wherever you are. (An example of a service includes- OneDrive/Google/iCloud)

If you use any type of social media at the moment, chances are that you’re already using the cloud!


How can this benefit your business?

Firstly, to confirm that by not having the cloud, your… read more

GDPR- Is your business ready for the changes?

GDPR- You’ve probably heard that acronym before, but what does it mean?

It’s the General Data Protection Regulation, which is superseding the Data Protection Act 1998 and will affect how data relating to both individuals and businesses should be handled.

It will apply to every organisation in the world that does business with EU residents and is coming into force in under 70 days, on the 25th May 2018.

The bad bit

If your… read more

Microsoft Power BI – Your Business at a Glance

Finding it hard in your busy day to have the time to properly see what’s going on in your business?  Then look no further than Microsoft Power BI.

What is Power BI, I hear you say?

Power BI is a tool from Microsoft that allows an easy insight into your business through great looking, interactive reports!


At ACIT, we have connected this tool to Sage 50 Accounts, to combine powerful and in-depth… read more

Hidden information from Sage 50 Accounts – and how to see it

While looking at how to best use Power BI to help manage our own business here, we came across some information that we could interrogate that we had been asked to get out of Sage 50 Accounts in a report, but couldn’t.

In this particular instance, we were calculating how long it took for a Quote to be won, the difference in the date a Quote was created compared to… read more

ACIT and Swiftpage Act!

ACIT are proud to announce that we have been become Business Partners with Swiftpage (again!), to sell the excellent Act! Premium & Professional software.

After having a taste of different software in-house for our CRM system, we have come to realise just how good, and simple to use, Act! software actually is.  They say ‘you should never go back’, but then they also say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got… read more

Last time (honestly) – HMRC Gateway changes

I know we have been blogging a lot about this, but it is something that all Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll users need to be aware of, especially if they submit any of their data to HMRC via the Sage Gateway.

We have been made aware by Sage that they have had reports of some customers being told by the HMRC that their systems will not change after… read more

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